You're Fired. I Quit!
Season 5, Episode 24
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You're Fired. I Quit! was the 24th episode of Season 5 of Hardcore Pawn. It originally aired on June 5, 2012.


One of Seth's employees in the internet department was found slacking off watching television on company time, leading to Les telling Seth to have the department manager, John, do something about it. Later, John erroneously listed a painting of Mickey Mantle for $400 instead of its actual price, $3000, leading to Seth to order John to correct the price. But Seth found out that nothing was done when the painting sold for $400. Les then orders Seth to fire John, but knowing that John was one of the department's best employees, he gave John a second chance instead. However, it was a chance not taken when John quits instead. Also: a couple of men sell a surveying level to Les for $20; later, a couple, one of them a surveyor, bought that same level from Ashley for $200 as an anniversary gift. A woman threatens Les when she refuses to believe that her titanium earrings are actually silver. A gay black couple comes to pawn shop, but couldn't agree on anything. A woman tries to sell her television, but when she couldn't strike a deal with Les, offered her breasts instead. A man picks up his laptop, but complains that it was dirty, and it was their responsibility to clean it.


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