Season 6, Episode 21
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Unforgiven was the 21st episode of Season 6 of Hardcore Pawn. It originally aired on January 1, 2013


Les becomes concerned about Rich after he noticed that he spent too much time talking to a customer on a deal for a call box; however, Seth defends Rich's actions, as he felt it was simply good business. Les, still sore over Seth's attempt to secretly sell the Pontiac location, refused to give him the benefit of the doubt. Later, Rich accidentally left about $7000 worth of gold jewelry alone in front of a customer, while checking on the sale price of one of the items. In response, Ashley, who has seen what happened, told Rich that what he did was bad. Rich apologised for his actions, which Ashley and Seth accept. Les refuse to accept the apology, as Rich has not regained his trust and Les still has a grudge against Seth over Pontiac. Also: a woman tries to sell a flat-screen TV, but hopes to sell the item diminished when her friend accidentally broke the screen. A man tries to sell a huge rocking horse -- which he transported in a horse trailer. Another man gets very upset when Seth could not make a sufficient deal over a laptop. And a man sells rare glass negatives of baseball legend Babe Ruth.


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