Turf Wars
Season 4, Episode 7
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Turf Wars was the seventh episode of Season 4 of Hardcore Pawn. It originally aired on August 2, 2011.


At the end of the previous episode, Les separated Ashley and Seth by having them work in their own departments, in hopes that the family feud cools down; however, it boils over again when Ashley and Seth argue in front of a customer wanting to buy a stereo. A man tries to redeem his brother's pawn using false identification. Another man tries to sell a skeletal foot of his great grandfather, which was amputated during World War I. A coach of a Little League team tries to sell their team's radar gun, but his obsession with winning, and him constantly putting down his son for not playing good enough to meet his standards angers Rich. A woman complains about being overcharged for a ring cleaning, except that American Jewelry doesn't charge for ring cleaning. A female body builder sells her jewelry, but her presence and demeanor attracts a lot of attention.