Tripped Out Cash
Season 6, Episode 5
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Tripped Out Cash was the 5th episode of Season 6 of Hardcore Pawn. It originally aired on August 7, 2012.


Les buys a framed, handmade Stanley Mouse T-shirt for $60. Seth feels that the shirt is all but worthless, but was proven wrong when Rich told Les of the artist's notoriety, making the shirt much more valuable than Les and Seth give credit for. Also: a woman talks to Ashley about getting "free money" when she brought in a friend, only to get angry when she was told that she misread the sign about an interest-free offer. A man tries to have his wife's ring appraised, but when his wife comes into the store, she not only accused him of stealing the ring, she practically "let him have it". A young man sells what he thought was an old, hand-operated "washing machine", only for Les to tell him that it's a fairly-new replica of a wine press. A couple of men try to sell a pair of drivable toilets, which was the most bizarre item ever offered at American Jewelry. A woman tries to get her stolen TV out of hock, but when she could not without a pawn slip, she tries to steal a TV; failing that, she tries to steal a traffic cone out of the parking lot.