Shell Game
Season 6, Episode 16
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Shell Game was the 16th episode of Season 6 of Hardcore Pawn. It originally aired on November 27, 2012.


A customer complains to Les that a con man was running a three-card Monte operation in the parking lot; Les initially dismisses the complaint as a customer who needed more money, but the complaint was proven true when a security guard catches the con man in the act. Also: a woman tries to sell a broken watch; not only was the watch not accepted by Seth due to its condition, but the customer also acted in an impolite matter, not only ordering that she get her cash, but also spitting on the floor. A man tried to redeem another person's pawn without identification or papers, but has taken Ashley's offer to let him buy something instead; however, he started to run for it when he told Ashley that he intended to shoplift instead. A couple of men tried to sell a pair of sumo wrestling suits that they bought for a bachelor party, but while Seth and Ashley had fun playing in them, the sale price would only be a mere fraction of their purchase price. A man sells a placard for a NFL Players strike, with signatures of the striking players, after "striking" a reasonable deal with Les.