Hardcore Pawn Season 2

Season 2 of Hardcore Pawn aired from December 28, 2010 - February 8, 2011. It was comprised of 8 episodes.


Screenshot Title Original airdate Season Number #
"Crazy Cash" December 28, 2010 2 1
Les becomes concerned with Seth's growing aggression. Seth and Ashley fight over Seth's accidental sale of t-shirts without payment. A woman was refused service, as she did not have identification; however, she would not leave without a fight. An unusual customer tries to sell a DVD player as a "transistor radio" that communicates with aliens, while another attempts to sell his collection of 16 mm stag films. Les buys a converted 1989 Neoplan 38 passenger party bus from a limousine company planning to upgrade to a 55 passenger bus.
"The Big Bet" December 28, 2010 2 2
Les bets Seth that he can sell more items, with Les having the goal of getting Seth out of the office and onto the sales floor. If Seth loses, he will have to hire a secretary. If Les loses, he will have to do Seth's job for a week. Meanwhile: a woman tries to sell her Playstation 3, but it's her, not Ashley, who sets the price; a woman sells an old-fashioned cash register; a man argues over a busted television set, but Seth has an idea to defuse the problem; and a drunk man tries to sell his leather jacket, but Les feels that he is a menace to the shop.
"Storm's a-Brewin" January 4, 2011 2 3
Seth and Ashley have a feud over Ashley's diamond cutter, which escalates in front of the entire staff, forcing Les to intervene. Also: A woman could not redeem her pawn because her husband was not present; however, Ashley has a better gift for her husband. A customer tries to sell a video game unit that previously belonged to her former roommate – without his permission. A woman tries to get her computer back, but it was already sold, as she was late with her payment. The Golds are presented with a rusty old toy tractor that was bought and sold on the cheap, but could be worth a truckload of cash. And a person tries to sell a Camaro that needed repairs, but Ashley's skills are once again questioned when she did not initiate the offers.
"Desperate Pawn" January 11, 2011 2 4
It's the first day of the month, one of the busiest days of the year for the pawn shop, and the shop is teeming with people who want to make deals; however, the Golds face off against several desperate customers who are frustrated after waiting in long lines; at one point, Les was willing to wait in line on behalf of a customer. Also: Seth and Ashley scrambles to find a customer's missing guitar; and a customer sells a cache of unusual weapons.
"Skulls & Scoundrels" January 18, 2011 2 5
A woman tries to sell her ring, but her friend interferes with the deal. Ashley becomes irate when Les butts in while negotiating with a woman over a fur coat. A couple pawns an array of goods for bills, but the husband wants to gamble away the money. A customer complains to Ashley that he was overcharged for a watch, but Les intervened after the customer was dissatisfied with Ashley's actions. A woman gets angry after Les refuses to buy her printer. A man sells a series of gems, but the price Ashley offers is more than what Seth and Les felt was proper. Also: an elephant skull and a porta-potty.
"The Gambler" January 25, 2011 2 6
A customer pawns his gold and diamond pinky rings for gambling money. A situation escalates when a customer accuses the shop of paying him $100 less for a pawn of his camera and PlayStation 3. A tattoo parlor owner sells an OB/GYN exam table, despite Ashley going backwards in the offers.
"Fool's Gold" February 1, 2011 2 7
A man tries to get back the items his ex-wife pawned behind his back, but they need her ID in order to redeem the tickets. A couple sell a trumpet for money for a promise ring. A tanning salon sells a spray tanning booth, but they need someone pale to test it out. A taxidermist sells a cache of stuffed animals. A woman tries to sell a 35mm camera for her son's birthday, but they no longer take 35mm cameras. Another woman tries to sell a gold bracelet, only to learn that it was not gold. A thrift shop owner sells a watch, which is a brand that is not well known; furthermore, he listed the watch on Craigslist for less than what the customer is offering the shop.
"Cash Kings" February 8, 2011 2 8
A woman pawns various items including a sewing machine and monitor in order to come up with burial money for her recently deceased father. A man sells a shoot-up arcade game, but Les might've paid more than its worth. A woman sells her NordicTrack exercise machine, as she felt that "blacks don't ski." A woman tries to sell her gold keychain, but accuses Ashley for not giving her a fair price. A man offered to sell two used school buses, which were something that Les would love to have. A man tries to repawn his watch, but the shop did not have a record of his original pawn. A woman sells a custom-made dollhouse for money to take her kids to Disney World, and Les buys it – out of his own money.
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