Rich vs. Les
Season 5, Episode 26
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Rich vs. Les was the 26th episode of Season 5 of Hardcore Pawn. It originally aired on June 19, 2012.


Following the problems that occurred in the last couple of episodes, Les arranged a meeting with all its employees, telling everyone not to mess up, or they will be fired. But after catching Rich letting a woman with gold walk on too low an offer, and later, abandoning the lay-away station during a busy period, Les all but banished Rich from his store. However, Seth and Ashley felt that Les has been treating Rich very badly with his threat of termination, especially after how loyal Rich was over the last 25 years. Also: a man rifles through couch cushions looking for a ring that he allegedly lost. A man tries to sell a Zimmer-customised Ford Mustang, but Les felt that the aftermarket add-ons cost more than the car itself. A young woman tries to sell her 12-year old TV -- after pushing it several miles to the store. A man tried scamming Seth out of a mink coat, but Seth and the clerk already seen through his ruse. An elderly man, needing money to pay his water bill, tries to sell Ashley a bunch of old toys and baseball cards that have little to no value, saving the best -- gold jewelery -- for last.


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