More Money, More Problems
Season 5, Episode 6
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Les Hunts a Thief

More Money, More Problems was the 6th episode of Season 5 of Hardcore Pawn. It originally aired on December 27, 2011.


Les sends a few employees to work at the new location; however, Seth has concerns that the main store will be short staffed. Soon, Seth is proven right, when customers complain of the long wait. This leads to an argument between Les and Seth on the state of the business. Also: A man tries to pawn a watch that Les determines that it was not valuable; however, Les challenged him to sell it to anyone in the store – that is, until the man decides to shout profanities instead. A man sells a latex vacuum bed sex toy, due to the fact that his girlfriend found out that he ordered it and told him to get rid of it. Les and Bobby J. ask another customer to demo the toy, and then proposes an ultimatum to the buyer – the sex toy, or his girlfriend. A man tries to sell a stainless steel bracelet, only to get abused by his girlfriend when he learns that the store was not buying them. A man sells an old telephone switchboard that he thought was owned by Alexander Graham Bell (due to them seeing Bell System on a plate affixed to the front), but manage to get an offer from Les.


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