Millionaire Mayhem
Season 5, Episode 17
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Millionaire Mayhem was the 17th episode of Season 5 of Hardcore Pawn. It originally aired on April 10, 2012.


Two days earlier, Les sent an e-mail to Seth, which included an order for a custom ring worth $20,000. But Seth overlooked the e-mail until now, leading him to rush to get the ring done as soon as possible. However, Ashley derailed the plan when she told the jewelry maker to put that on hold so that her necklace can be fixed. Seth then told the jewelry maker to focus only on the customer's orders, leading to a new feud between Seth and Ashley. Also: a woman tries to pawn a fake watch that she said she purchased from American Jewelry. A man sells a National cash register, but it not only comes down to price, but also to the money needed to buy his daughter new earrings. A man tries to sell his old CRT monitor for gas money, but when Seth said that the monitor was outdated, he refused to leave without a sale. A man sells a program for the funeral for Rosa Parks, but learns that it was not as valuable as he thought it was. A woman tries to sell a 1970 sex encyclopedia, but learns from Les that while tastes haven't changed, the method of getting pornography changed.


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