Million Dollar Story
Season 6, Episode 3
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Million Dollar Story was the 3rd episode of Season 6 of Hardcore Pawn. It originally aired on July 24, 2012.


Seth and Ashley suspect that Les has been buying items, in particular fireplace irons, an antique icebox and a scale used by NASA, based only on the story than the actual value; however, Les feels that sometimes buying them based on the story would end up making a profit in the end, and he tries to prove his kids wrong. Also: a woman tries to sell an electric sweeper without its cord, threatening Ashley when they couldn't make a deal. A man tries to sell a novelty football grill and stereo unit, but gets very angry when Seth points out that its blown speakers made it worthless. A man tries to sell his earrings for money to go to a voguing competition, but learns that the gems are not real. A woman gets angry with a clerk when she found out that she needed to pay more to redeem her pawn, but she has her friend with her carrying a Red Solo Cup, leading Seth to believe that at least she was drinking.