Melted Gold
Season 3, Episode 12
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Melted Gold was the 12th episode of Season 3 of Hardcore Pawn. It originally aired on May 10, 2011.


Les and Ashley celebrate Seth's 30th birthday in style -- by pranking the birthday boy. A man tries to sell a non-working snowblower, and refuses to leave until Les buys it. Another man sells a remote-controlled hovercraft drone, but Seth buys it at a high price to spite Les. A woman wanted to pay for her pawn for her television set, but threatens Les and Rich when they refuse to see eye-to-eye on a deal. A magician tries to sell magic tricks that don't work. Another man sells a gold Fingerhut elephant sculpture, but his negotiation skills are too bizarre. Ashley tries to do business with a couple who are deaf, but Seth, who knows sign language, comes to assist. A young man talks trash with a sales clerk when he makes a sale, but even when he steps outside, the customer wasn't finished yet.


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