Les' way or the Highway
Season 3, Episode 10
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Les' way or the Highway was the tenth episode of Season 3 of Hardcore Pawn. It originally aired on April 12, 2011.


On another busy day, Les wants all sales staff on the floor, including those in the internet department, despite Seth's objections; to make a point, he gives Les a reason why he needs the internet department when Les buys collectible military figurines from a customer. A woman pays for her pawn of her TV, in which she's emotionally attached to. A man wants to buy musical equipment from Rich, but he accuses Rich of selling used merchandise at prices the customer feels is improper. A drunk man tries to sell his coins and Garbage Pail Kids cards, but his behavior killed any hope of a deal. A man sells a gold and diamond ring he thought was from the Baseball Hall of Fame, but actually belonged to someone who worked for the Yellow Pages. A woman, who was talking an unsavory language of sexual innuendo, pawns her wedding ring.