Lawyer Up Son
Season 6, Episode 10
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Lawyer Up Son was the 10th episode of Season 6 of Hardcore Pawn. It originally aired on September 11, 2012.


A woman comes in to redeem her son's pawn of her mother's gold ring, but was told that he had no pawns on file at American Jewelery. She later produced her pawn ticket, which Les found to be counterfeit. Refusing to listen to Les, she brings in her attorney, in hopes that he would get Les to produce the ring; however, she finds out that both her attorney and Les are honest about their work. Also: a woman gets irate when she was unable to get a refund on her non-working generator. A couple of men try to sell a Piatti scooter for $4000, only for Les find out that they're selling the exact same scooter online for $2500. A man tries to sell his DVD/VHS player, but was a cause of irritation for Ashley when he mimics everything she does. An old man, who was going deaf, sells his Segway PT, but almost rolled away when Les couldn't make a deal. A man tries to sell a lawn mower with an attached gadget that Seth thought was a portable vacuum, but was tossed out when he threatened to "bomb" the store.


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