Kill Em All
Season 5, Episode 25
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You're Fired. I Quit!
Rich vs. Les

Kill Em All was the 25th episode of Season 5 of Hardcore Pawn. It originally aired on June 12, 2012.


American Jewelry employees have been making numerous mistakes in previous days -- in addition to the Mickey Mantle painting being undersold, Les found a television on pawn that has a cracked screen, and he wants to look at the security tapes to see who did it; however, the pawn shop's video security system has been down the last couple of days. Later, Seth ended up losing $500 on a trade-in of defective designer sunglasses, as the clerk failed to mark the receipt "as is". But Les found himself at the end of his rope when he bought a die of a 1950s Chevrolet hood badge for $110, but learned after closing the deal that Rich offered the same guy a maximum of $40, as it was only half of a die, and Rich failed to stop Les from making the deal. At that point, he gave a final ultimatum -- the next person that commits a mistake will be fired. Also: a man tries to return his DVDs, as he claims that they were faulty; however, he was proven wrong when Seth played one of them on one of the DVD players. Later, he returns to watch them on one of the big screen TVs, further objecting Seth's claim. A couple of men sell a massaging pedicure chair, but Ashley fears that the pedicure sink would not work. A couple of women truckers try to sell their semi-trailer truck, as one of them wants to leave the trucking profession and go to beauty school. A man cuts in line and tries to pawn his earrings, but not only angers the pawn shop clerk, but also ends up in a fight with another customer.


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