Frisky Business
Season 7, Episode 1
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Frisky Business was the 1st episode of Season 7 of Hardcore Pawn. It originally aired on March 26, 2013


Following Joe's arrest in the previous episode, the employees were shaken up by the events. However, they expressed further displeasure when new security measures are implemented to make sure that no one steals anything. But when Seth announced that all employees' bags will be searched upon leaving the store, Les and Ashley thought that he went too far. But that wasn't far enough when Seth also wanted body searches, which he actually carried out despite Les and Ashley's warnings that it may lead to legal troubles for the store. Also: a man tries to sell a 19th-Century nautical compass for $150, but learns the hard way not to fool with Les when he discovered that that man was selling the same compass online for $33. A woman agreed with Les to sell her Blues Brothers statues for $300, but changed her mind after the deal was made, after her friends told her to hold out for more. A man wanted to buy an electric generator after losing power due to an unpaid bill, but refused to deal with Seth -- or even leave the store -- when he was unable to take it home to try it out first. And another man, unable to sell his ring because Ashley found it to be fake, found himself thrown onto the floor by Byron, the new head of security, when he tried touching Ashley.


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