Final Decision
Season 5, Episode 2
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Final Decision was the 2nd episode of Season 5 of Hardcore Pawn. It originally aired on November 22, 2011.


Les agrees on a deal to buy Premier Jewelry, upsetting Seth and Ashley, but when Les has them decide who to run the new location, they end up fighting against each other, leading to Les to make a decision himself. Also: a woman had a lot to say about her lost pawn to Les; another woman tried to pawn her laptop, but any deal with Ashley was lost when she told Ashley what to do. Another woman sells her earrings, but had to settle for less, as they were not as valuable as she thought. A man sells a bubble hockey game, but had to play a round with Seth to find out how much money he would get. An illusionist escapes out of a straitjacket, then sells it, but Seth wanted to see Ashley in it first. A man tries to sell his speakers, but when he talks trash with Seth, his mom ended up having the last word.


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