Family Traitor!
Season 5, Episode 16
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Family Traitor! was the 16th episode of Season 5 of Hardcore Pawn. It originally aired on April 3, 2012.


With the pawn shop short on cash due to the bank holiday, Seth tries to find ways to get more money, but things get worse when the pawn shop runs out of the cash they already have, leading the pawn shop to suspend purchases and new pawns for the day. Furthermore, they were about to let a sale of a customer's diamond bracelet, worth $9000, slip through their fingers, when Les had an ace up his sleeve - in the safe box. This angered Seth, who would later declare war against Ashley for being a snitch. Also: a woman who believes in aliens and the 2012 prophecy pawns her guitars. A couple, breaking up as they accuse each other of cheating, tries to sell a pair of watches - one broken, the other fake - but the woman ended up starting a fight with her ex-boyfriend. Another man couldn't redeem his pawn as he lacked a photo ID, but said that he did have an alternate way to identify himself - his obituary. A man sells a carnival scale to Les, who ended up losing a dollar on the deal when he accidentally cussed in front of the man's son.


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