Family Matters
Season 6, Episode 14
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Family Matters was the 14th episode of Season 6 of Hardcore Pawn. It originally aired on November 13, 2012.


Following the events in the previous episode, Les did not show up for work the next day until later that day, and even so, refused to talk to anyone at first, insisting that he just stay in his office. His action had costed at least one potential sale -- a man who wanted to sell his Matryoshka dolls walked out when he was unable to deal with Ashley and was not able to speak with Les. Eventually, Les returned to work on the sales floor, not in a forgiving mood, but willing to get the moment behind him. But things began to heat up again when a group of women were involved in a fight. When a security guard noticed that one of them had a gun, it became very dangerous, very fast, in a situation that ended with a cliffhanger. Also: a man began to turn violent against his girlfriend when they found out that their gold necklace, which he paid $5000 for, was worth only a loan for $250. A man sells a copy of The Detroit News from the day of John F. Kennedy's assassination with a misprinted headline "Kill Kennedy", along with a later edition with the correct headline "Kennedy Dead". A transaction with a couple of men, who were selling stereo speakers that they bought off a truck, turned violent when they refused to listen to Seth's explanation that they bought worthless White Van speakers. A woman with no identification and papers tries to redeem her pawn on just her name alone, but got hairy fast after Les got in the picture. A couple of men sold a WWII-era diving helmet lamp, but did not get much because it was a replica.


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