Face Off
Season 5, Episode 14
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Face Off was the 14th episode of Season 5 of Hardcore Pawn. It originally aired on March 20, 2012.


The relationship between Seth and Les remains very frosty, with both sides refusing to speak to each other, to a point where Ashley tries to play peacemaker; nevertheless, neither side is willing to yield, leading to Ashley to lure them together and force them to make up. But when both sides still refuse to forgive and forget, Les decides to let Seth operate the store his way - without Les to lean on. Also: a drunk man tries to sell Les a gold sports ring for funds to pay for his DUI conviction, but refuses to leave after learning that it was brass. A man sells a seat from the old Yankee Stadium, which he won in a charity auction. A woman tries to pawn her diamond necklace for funds to fix the windows in her car (which were broken into), but cops an attitude after learning from Ashley that it was fake. An elderly couple, hoping to get money for their son's wedding, failed to strike a deal with Les to sell their digital camera, but did have enough money to buy a gold necklace for $1000.