Devil in Detroit
Season 5, Episode 22
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Devil in Detroit was the 22nd episode of Season 5 of Hardcore Pawn. It originally aired on May 22, 2012.


The area has seen a rash of car break-ins, as reported by the pawn shop's customers, but when Bobby J.'s car was broken into, Les is determined to protect the pawn shop's customers and employees. When the crooks came to American Jewelry, Les is ready to deliver justice. Also: a woman tries to pawn a diamond ring, but has choice words for Ashley. A rapper tries to sell his laptop, but learns from Seth that the rap songs on his computer are not worth much. An elderly woman sells a collection of WWF action figures, but she also has a move to show Les. A tattooed man, who says he was an incarnate of the devil, tries to sell his gold jewelry. A couple of men pawn a 1912 Michigan license plate, but learns that, despite its rarity, it's not that valuable.