Cold Blooded Robbery
Season 6, Episode 7
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Cold Blooded Robbery was the 7th episode of Season 6 of Hardcore Pawn. It originally aired on August 21, 2012.


A security guard catches a man hiding in a refrigerator in the store, spurring concerns that he was trying to rob the store by hiding until the store closes, then robbing it. Ashley suggests that a security guard work the store after it closes; however, Les and Seth dismiss the idea, as it is already well-equipped with alarms and cameras. But Ashley's fears was realised when the store was broken in after hours, and a fur coat was stolen. Also: a man tries to get a refund on a silver chain that he bought that was defective, which he discovered after leaving the store. A hunter tries to sell a bear trap, but as its use is illegal, it would be difficult to sell. A man tries to return a cell phone that he said that he bought at American Jewelry, but he has no receipt. A man tries to redeem his pawn, but the name on the ticket does not match the name on his ID. A man sells a rare espresso machine that makes 25 cups of espresso, but the market for it is very limited.


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