Bad Blood
Season 3, Episode 6
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Bad Blood was the sixth episode of Season 3 of Hardcore Pawn. It originally aired on March 22, 2011.


Les intervenes when a woman complains to an employee after she gets her laptop back with a dirty cover. A woman tries to sell her husband's collectibles, except that he didn't want to part with them, or at least, not without a Richard Nixon switchplate. An employee accidentally cracks a screen to a plasma-screen TV; Seth decides who would be responsible, but the embarrassed Ashley does not like what she hears. A woman sells her grandma's jewellery for money to see her kid, except that not all of it is real. A customer get irate when his pneumatic hammer he's trying to sell does not work. Also: a man sells a 16mm film of the Detroit Tigers in the 1968 World Series.