Ashley's Breakdown
Season 5, Episode 20
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Ashley's Aftermath

Ashley's Breakdown was the 20th episode of Season 5 of Hardcore Pawn. It originally aired on May 1, 2012.


After Les bought an old 1964 pinball machine from a customer, Seth informs him that there is hardly any room left in the warehouse to store it, as employees were buying merchandise that Seth feels would be hard to resell. But his opinions fell on deaf ears when Rich buys a stripper cake for $20, and Ashley buys a plastic roulette wheel for $30 (after a gamble with a customer that could have resulted in a $5 sale instead). When Seth learned of Ashley's roulette wheel purchase, Seth berated her in front of the customer, and when Seth interfered with her as she complained to Les about Seth, she quit the store in tears, to a point where she no longer wants to be taped by the production cameras. Also: a woman, who's on a verge of divorcing her husband, tries to sell her ring, but after speaking her mind to Les after he said that the diamond had flaws, she finds her ideal mate - Joe, the security guard escorting her out of the pawn shop. Another woman, whose trying to raise bail for her boyfriend, tries to sell a silver chain, but after learning from Ashley that there was not enough valuable metal to raise the money she needs, she tells Ashley that she runs the pawn shop, not Ashley. A couple of men try to sell their weed eaters, but were escorted out of the store by Les when they could not get a reasonable price from the clerks.


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