Ashley's Aftermath
Season 5, Episode 21
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Devil in Detroit

Ashley's Aftermath was the 21st episode of Season 5 of Hardcore Pawn. It originally aired on May 8, 2012.


Following the shouting match between Seth and Ashley that led to Ashley leaving the pawn shop, Les reprimands Seth for berating Ashley in front of the customers and employees. However, Seth still believes that employees shouldn't buy items that they can't quickly sell. When Ashley returned to the pawn shop, not only was she still bitter at Seth, but she accused him of double standards when he bought a set of signed Detroit Tigers hall-of-famer pictures, which she believes won't sell, but Seth thought otherwise. Also: a woman, whose house was robbed, tries to sell her wedding rings to Les, but refuses to leave the pawn shop unless she gets the money she wants. A pacifier-sucking woman pawns her diamond ring and TV set, but when Seth thought that the deal would sour, she had an employee suck her pacifier for free lunch. A boys sells his iPod for money to buy a gift for his girlfriend, who his grandmother calls a "hussy". A man tries to sell his J. C. Higgins bicycle, but learned that restoration work on it has affected its value. A woman comes to request a copy of her pawn receipt, but Ashley found out that she was not in the system; despite that, the customer accused a cashier for stealing her earrings.


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