Amy Got Back
Season 6, Episode 4
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Amy Got Back was the 4th episode of Season 6 of Hardcore Pawn. It originally aired on July 31, 2012.


Les rehires a former employee, Amy, in hopes that she'll increase the sales of the jewellery department; however, Seth had a bad feeling about the rehire, as she made several mistakes before, before she left the pawn shop unannounced. But when she made the mistake of misplacing a boxed ring, accidentally giving a customer an empty box instead, Les simply chalks it up as an innocent mistake, believing that her sales outweigh her mistakes, which infuriates Seth, who still believes that rehiring Amy is a big mistake. Also: a man who calls himself "Pistol Pete" tries to sell what he thought was a 14-karat gold pinky ring, but a deal sours when not only was the ring determined to be 10-karat, but Ashley and Bobby J. make fun of his name. A man tries to sell his 13-inch tube-screen TV, but when he failed to strike a deal with Seth, due to the set being an unknown off-brand, he threw the TV -- and himself -- in the dumpster. A man sells his replica Harley-Davidson minibike, but finds himself in a bidding war between Les and Seth. A man tries to take his wife's items out of hock, but when Les said he could not without the pawn slip, he threatens Les through the redeem window, not thinking that there's a way out of the office. A man sells his signed Babe Ruth letter, despite not being pleased with Seth's offer.


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