American Jewelry & Zoo
Season 7, Episode
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American Jewelry & Zoo was the 8th episode of Season 7 of Hardcore Pawn. It originally aired on May 7, 2013


Following the debacle involving the 40,000 watchbands, delivered in over 100 boxes, American Jewelry has found themselves with limited space for anything else -- this includes "antiques" and "collectibles" that Les buys, but Seth and Ashley thinks are worthless junk, such as a 1950s salesman's sample model of an above ground swimming pool, a Christmas display from the old J. L. Hudson Department Store, and several taxidermied animals. The kids think the "junk" won't sell, and neither would the watchbands, but Les tries to prove them wrong, starting with a taxidermied boar's head. Also: a woman in labor and without a job buys an old rocking horse for her child from Ashley at a special rate, with Ashley covering the difference, but it ended up being a scam when her false belly fell out. And a man attempts to get a refund without receipt for a store brand "Cherokee" watch that he passed off as a "Rolex".


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